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rigger ૮ • ﻌ - ა

credit: wnysoul on yt

To start a commission, please DM on discord: Twinkiepie 🏳🌈#1118. Please read TOS before DM'ing me

✿ about me ✿

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♡ Twinkie ♡

♡ Hello! I'm twinkipie! I am a fox vtuber as well as a live 2d rigger. I stream on twitch and love sleeping. I've been rigging for a year and a half. I strive to bring your models to life and bring you on the journey with me!

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✿ examples ✿

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✿ prices ✿

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♡ Type ♡♡ Price ♡
Full Body✿500 USD
Half Body✿400 USD
Bust Up✿300 USD
Vbridger Mouth✿150 USD
CMO3 File✿70 USD
Hand Tracking✿100 USD
Expressive animal ears linked to eyebrows✿70 USD
Idle animal ears✿40 USD
Tongue Out: Closed Mouth✿20 USD
Tongue Out: Open Mouth✿40 USD
Cheek Puff✿10 USD
Expressions✿10 USD per
Animations✿30 USD per
Toggles✿20 USD per
Eye Changes✿25 USD per
Stickers✿5 USD per
Rush Order✿60 USD per
Outfit Change✿40 USD per
Hair Change✿30 USD per

✿ reviews ✿

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✿ T.O.S ✿

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Your rights to the design and model belong to you. No part of your design will be reproduced or sold.
This model can be used to publish commercial videos.If you are streaming your content on platforms such as Twitch, please include a link or bio referencing my work.You may not resell any models that I make for you without my express permission.Payment must be made upfront, through paypal. If you need a payment plan, we can work with that.RUSH ORDER & FEEMy turn around time without rush order is 3 weeks to 1 month depending on complexity.Rush order will allow you to skip the wait time and you will receive your rig within 3-7 business days, depending on how complex the model is.The turnaround time also depends on how many commissions that I currently have, which you can check here: Trello

The buyer is not allowed a refund once the commission has been started.
If for any reason I am unable to start/finish your commission you will receive a full refund.

What I can't do
Very Furry

What I can do
Semi Furry (human only with ears/tails or animals)